Bakas Trend Office

adjiedj-bakas“Ik heb Johan Vermij leren kennen bij Sogeti als een gepassioneerde IT- en Internet-kenner, die de ontwikkelingen die daar gaande zijn ook nog in normaal “niet-nerdy” Nederlands kan uitleggen. Hij was meelezer voor mijn boek “Het Einde van de Privacy” en vormde voor mij een zeer waardevol klankbord bij mijn reis door de internetindustrie. […]

Sogeti Frankrijk

“During the Teampark Project, implementation of the social platform for Sogeti Group, I was working for Johan. Johan was able to manage this project in a very difficult environment, and to close the project as a success. He has proven all is communication, management, and project management skills” Flavien Boucher, Practice Leader IBM, Sogeti (FRANCE)


“Johan did an amazing job at planning and launching Sogeti’s Enterprise 2.0 platform based on Lotus Connections. The platform, named TeamPark, has received world wide recognition. Without Johan’s contributions, I’m not sure TeamPark would have been the success it is today.” Luis Benitez, Enterprise 2.0 Consultant, IBM

Cisco Systems

Johan is an excellent thought-leader in the metaverse space, approaching it with a clear business perspective and a ‘long view’. He is a pioneer in shaping this emerging technology trend. I highly recommend him.” Christian Renaud, Chief Architect, Networked Virtual Environments, Cisco Systems


roy-wasseWorking with Johan is a pleasure. He’s able to combine a result focussed business approach with personal attention for the project team. Furthermore, Johan knows how to handle difficult and stressfull project situations, he stays calm and keeps looking for the right solution in order to succesfully finish a project. […]